Driveways line

If you live in Sussex and need your driveway re-surfaced, we can help. We're experienced in making driveways beautiful and an entryway that will compliment your home.

Brick driveways

For a hard-wearing surface that looks fantastic, brick can't be beaten. An interlocking herringbone pattern will give you a good looking drive that will last for many, many years with little maintenance.

Stone slab drives

For a great looking surface which is more affordable than brick, consider having it paved with stone slab work instead. These weather down beautifully and compliment the look of your home, while also giving you a very hard wearing surface.


We can prepare and coat your drive in high quality tarmac and ensure you get a good, clean finish.

Drain and manhole covers

Have a drain or manhole cover in the middle of your drive, or electrical cables coming through in to the house? No problem, we've seen it all before and can ensure brick and blockwork is shaped around them to allow your or the councils access.

Whether you'd like a brick, slab or tarmac driveway, please give us a call and we can come and give you a free quote for re-surfacing your drive and turn it in to a surface you'll be happy to return home to.

Please check out our gallery for pictures of our work, and the testimonials given by our clients.

Brick driveway Stone block drive